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Golf Udder Bottle



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The Golf Udder Bottle - PAR KIT Includes:
  • 1 BPA Free Water Bottle
  • 1 Bottle Holder with Carabiner Clip
  • 1 Ball/Club Scrub Cloth
  • 1 Clutchback Pin
  • 1 Microfiber Towel - Size:  16"h x 22"w (40 cm x 56 cm)
  • Packaged in a beautiful gift box
  • Leak proof, easy refill, collapsible water bottle
  • You can add a few drops of dish soap to the water for more cleaning power
  • Fabric pouch keeps your bottle hanging downwards for fast access to clean water
  • Detachable light weight aluminum carabiner is rust proof
  • Washable Scrub Cloth efficiently removes debris from balls and clubs
  • Ball pin keeps scrub securely on your golf towel for easy cleaning
  • Absorbent, quick dry, waffle textured golf towel is ideal for dirt removal
  • Practical and attractive gift for your golfing buddies

  1. Fast and Easy Cleaning: The Golf Udder Bottle allows golfers to clean their clubs and balls quickly and effortlessly. The unique design combines a refillable BPA Free water bottle,  a built-in cleaning scrub cloth, and a super absorbent quick-dry golf towel, enabling golfers to remove dirt, grass, and debris within seconds. No more tedious cleaning processes or searching for water sources on the course.

  2. Unparalleled Convenience and Portability: With its compact size and lightweight construction, the Golf Udder Bottle is designed for on-the-go use. It easily clips onto golf bags, ensuring that golfers have access to clean equipment anytime and anywhere on the course. Say goodbye to bulky cleaning kits and hello to the ultimate convenience.

  3. Improved Focus and Performance: Clean equipment is key to maintaining focus and achieving optimal performance on the golf course. By effortlessly removing dirt and debris, the Golf Udder Bottle ensures that golfers can fully concentrate on their game, resulting in more accurate shots and better overall performance.

  4. Personalized Design: The Golf Udder Bottle embraces individuality and inclusivity. The golf towels feature vibrant images that reflect the personality of each golfer. This unique touch adds a personal and meaningful element to the golfing experience.

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