Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Golf Udder Bottle?

The Golf Udder Bottle is a portable cleaning kit for golfers that combines a water bottle, scrub cloth and adsorbent towel. It clips onto golf bags for hassle-free equipment maintenance on the go.

How Do I Release the Water?

Just SQUEEZE the TIP of the nozzle (don't pull) to release the water or cleaning solution, it's that simple!

How Does it Work?

The Golf Udder Bottle's unique leak proof design lets golfers dispense water or cleaning solution onto the scrub cloth for efficient cleaning, then use their integrated absorbent micro-fiber towel to dry and in seconds, golfers are back in the game!

Can I fill the Bottle with a Cleaning Solution?

The Golf Udder Bottle offers versatility, allowing users to choose between water or a cleaning solution such as water mixed with a few drops of liquid dish soap, for equipment cleaning during rounds.

Can The Golf Udder Bottle Improve My Golf Game?

The Golf Udder Bottle enhances your game by ensuring clean equipment for improved ball control and shot accuracy.

How Do I Clean The Golf Udder Bottle?

Cleaning The Golf Udder Bottle is easy! First, remove the water bottle from the pouch, then place all remaining components into a mesh laundry bag, wash on delicate and cold water settings, then hang to dry.

What are the Other Uses of The Golf Udder Bottle?

Due to The Golf Udder Bottle being BPA-Free, making it safe to drink from, its utilities extend outside the golf course! Its safe and convenient design makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of activities, ensuring you get the most out of this product!